In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, this white-passing, adequately housed, autistic, two-spirit, transfeminine Métis is currently apportioning time and dedication to the following projects and causes.

  1. Advisory Committee on Advocating for Systemic Change for Two-Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse People (Native Womens' Association of Canada/Office of the Federal Housing Advocate/Canadian Human Rights Commission)
  2. Solutions Lab on National Rights-Based Shelter Standards (National Right to Housing Network/Women’s National Housing and Homelessness Network)
  3. AltJustice Committee on Restorative Justice/Transformative Justice in Gendered Violence (Women's Legal Education and Action Fund)
  4. Autistics4Autistics Ontario (national autistic self-advocacy organization and private Discord community)
  5. Region 3 Representative, Two-Spirit Advisory Group (Métis Nation of Ontario)
  6. Trans Peer Network (private Discord community)