Charlotte Hunter

Advocate for Inclusivity, Equity, and Intersectional Rights

Charlotte Hunter
Charlotte Hunter, an autistic, trans, Métis, and disabled person, has embarked on a remarkable journey, intertwining the fields of biochemistry, pharmacology, social research, and law. Their story exemplifies resilience, intellectual prowess, and an unwavering commitment to advocacy.
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As a proud Two-Spirit Louttit-Kijekijik of the Historic Abitibi Inland Métis Community, Charlotte embraces their gender identity and cultural heritage.
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Formally educated in both science and law, and navigating life with multiple disabilities, Charlotte's work predominantly revolves around evidence-based advocacy. Their efforts focus on trans/non-binary rights and equity, addressing homelessness and housing issues for two-spirit and neurodivergent individuals, and exploring the biopsychosocial implications of medicine, law, and climate change on the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community.